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Health Insurance in Nevada


You simply can’t afford to be without health insurance in Las Vegas. Our agents work closely with you to help you find the most complete and affordable coverage available.

Individual Coverage

Most People get health Insurance coverage through an employer-based plan; however if you are reading this, chances are, it’s because you’re looking for affordable individual health insurance. Invest America Insurance offers accessible health plans that fit your budget. When it comes to buying health insurance, you always want the most coverage you can get for you and your family.

Invest America Insurance offers guidance and support to find an affordable plan that works for you and your family. Our health plans are backed by one of the nation’s largest PPO networks. Our network discounts result in greater savings for you. We also offer a wide variety of dental plans, and services that cover a wide variety of dental needs.

Long-Term Care

When it comes to Long-Term Care Insurance, many people are skeptical and believe that they will not ever need it. However, the statistics tell us 60% of people over the age of 65 will need some sort of long-term care before they die. Another reason people often decide to not get Long-Term Care Insurance because they assume the government will “pick up the tab”; however they don’t realize that in order to qualify for government paid long-term care which is paid through Medicaid you first must have used up all your assets – this means you qualify only after all your money, your home, your car and so on are all gone.

Medicare Supplements

Due to rising medical costs, many seniors have found that Medicare doesn’t cover as much of their medical expenses as they would like. This is where Medicare Supplement insurance comes into play. It covers copays for medical examinations and procedures, freeing you up to have the financial freedom to enjoy life.

Group Coverage

Group Coverage Health Insurance is a great option for those who qualify. Insurance carriers can’t deny you due to pre-existing conditions, they have to approve you. Carriers are required to accept every member of the group into the insurance plan. This means that for these who have chronic illness or other pre-existing conditions which would normally deny you benefits, Group Coverage Health insurance would be the best choice.



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